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Managing Stress at Workplace

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Stress at workplace is a global truth, irrespective of whether people are working in developed countries or developing nations. Global statistics have shown that more than 20% of the working population experiences issues of stress, anxiety & mental health.
People’s perceptions of concerns of health & well-being are based on five key areas—physical, family, social, finances and work.Considering this, the following statistics ring a bell of alarm for organisations across the world.
1.Career Growth (approx.40%)
2.Personal Finances (approx.40%)
3.Work task and deadlines (approx.31%),
4.Performance Appraisal (approx.22%),
5.Social distancing/isolation (approx.18%),
6.Relationship issues (approx.17%),
7.Being laid off (approx.16%)
The global pandemic of COVID’19 has added to the woes of people across the world. Considering the fact that all these issues have a direct impact on productivity, it is imperative that organisations address the issue of workplace stress on priority.


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