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  • What is different about your training content?

    We would love to answer this in detail.
    PowerPoint Presentation :–
    1. Presentations have minimum text (mostly bullet points) and are loaded with relevant images for a higher impact.
    * Text appears one bullet point at a time, so that participants don’t get distracted, and focus more on the trainer’s delivery.
    * No paragraphs / lengthy text on slides.
    * Slides structured to unfold the topic of discussion logically. * Minimum slides – maximum impact.
    2. Trainer Guide :–
    * Detailed instructions, for every single bullet point of every slide.
    * Cues given for initiating interaction, and encouraging participation.
    * Slides explained with the help of examples too.
    * Absolutely easy to follow, and in simple language.
    3. Trainee Workbook :-
    * No training handout given – it is more important for participants to note down what is most relevant to them. This is the basis of design of the trainee workbook
    * Separate page for every single slide to note down observations.
    * Logically designed to bring to the fore strengths and areas of improvement. * A perfect tool (every single page) for an effective self-analysis.
    * Can be used for reviews (by participants & management) to make the training result oriented.
    4. Activity Sheet :-
    * Clear instructions for conducting activities.
    * Objectives, debriefing explained in simple language.
    * Variations suggested to suit different group sizes.
  • What version or formats are supported in the training material?

    * PowerPoint Presentation – PPTX format
    * Trainer Guide – Word format
    * Trainee Workbook – PPTX format
    * Activity Sheet – Word format
    * Completion Certificate – PPTX format
  • Can I edit the course materials?

    Yes –you can easily edit the contents of the Module to suit your peculiar requirements.
  • Can I alter your content to make it more focused?

    Yes – it is a common observation that organisations feel the need to alter content to suit their particular requirements. Our files are completely editable to give you freedom to alter the contents. Please note that these contents (singly, or in a combined manner) cannot be sold to other trainers / training organisations where the contents can be used again for training purposes.
  • Are you planning to release more modules?

    Yes – we intend to keep posting new Modules periodically. Please stay tuned.!! In fact, if you need a customized module developed for your organisation, please get in touch with us. We specialise in content development. I lead the training department of a large organisation. Are your products suitable for us? Are there any discounts if we purchase your entire range? Yes – our modules are designed keeping in mind the prevalent trends of industry. Our modules address to specific needs: * Designed to address common problems in business environments.Modules are designed for an array of business environments to address common workplace issues. They offer a practical approach, and can be easily related to, by the participants.
    * You can edit our content.Large organisations have dedicated L&D departments and their own battery of trainers who take care of their in-house trainings. Alterations may be required to suit specific requirements of the organisation and we offer complete freedom to do that.Not just that –we can also brand the content for your organisation, (for which please contact us).
    * You can combine too.Our modules are logical and structured. You may certainly find the possibility of mixing and matching our modules to create a comprehensive module which suits your requirements.
    * Discounts.We have several purchasing options which are easily visible on our user-friendly webpage. We have attractive discounts for purchase of multiple Modules in a single transaction. We do also have a discount, and a very attractive one, if you choose to buy the entire range. Details stay updated on the webpage, always.
  • Can I deliver a one-day course over multiple days?

    Certainly yes. The contents are logically structured and you will find topic segregation based on objectives / methodologies / tools. This will make it easy to spread the training as per the flexibility demanded by your work schedules and still maintain the flow of the training. This can hence be distributed over a number of sessions as you wish to plan.
  • Can I brand the product with my own organisation’s name or place my own logo on it?

    Yes, for sure. Our editable range makes it possible to place your logo on the training material. You can also easily alter contents to suit your specific requirements. If you wish to brand the contents as per your policy, and don’t have the necessary time and resources, please do get in touch with us. We will be glad to do it for you..
  • What are the main features of training course materials?

    Comprehensive package, of all required resources to deliver effective trainings.
    * With our editable range, you can customise, edit and modify the content as you desire
    * You can mix and match the course material with your own content to use for training.
    * Globally accepted file formats – ready to print
    * Unlimited number of trainings possible
    * Simple language, professional design and powerful content makes training impactful
    * Self-analysis approach for participants, and post-training reviews possible for management.
    * Buy and download in minutes for rapid delivery
  • Who can buy from you?

    Our modules deal with topics of global interests, and as such can suit requirements of a wide range of professionals as well as various industries. In particular, you can greatly benefit from our products if you are a freelance trainer, HR training manager, training agency, staff manager, trainer, consultant or a business leader.
  • What are the advantages of your Training Modules?

    * For Industry- * Empower your L&D dept./ HR dept. & rely less on outsourcing on trainings.
    * Anyone with reasonably good presentations skills & enough experience can use our logically designed content to deliver effective trainings. Less of theory & loaded with practical tips. Design facilitates slide by slide self-analysis of participants & hence the training can be result-oriented. Unbelievably affordable investment for a long-term, repeated use. For Trainers * Save time on research for content & designing the module. All inclusive product package ensures that you can fully concentrate on training delivery. Our comprehensive trainer guide facilitates interaction during training & contains activities that make the training more engaging.
  • E-Commerce & Ordering FAQ

  • What happens when I order?

    When the payment is processed, you will be directed to a confirmation page and an email with a download link will be sent immediately to you. By purchasing, you agree to Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy. The system is live 24/7 and your order is handled rapidly and automatically.
  • How soon will I get the materials?

    As soon as the transaction goes through, you will get a link on your registered email for the training materials. In most cases this is within minutes.
  • Do you offer a discount if I buy more products?

    For multiple purchases in a single transaction we offer attractive discounts. Details are updated & visible on the product page of our website.
  • Do you have a price list of your products? The best way to see the details of our products is on our website along with the price of each product. All of our training materials are listed here. In addition, we also provide a PDF catalogue of our products with prices.
  • My Internet connection is slow. Do I get a chance to download again?

    Once you purchase a product, you receive a download link on the email that is active for 24 hours. You can resume downloading even if you are disconnected from the net during your download attempts. We recommend that you use a third-party download manager like Google Chrome or Firefox browsers which have a built-in download manager. Both are free. In any case, if you were still unable to download the files, you should contact us and we will assist you.
  • I need a receipt for TAX purposes. Can you give me one when I purchase online? Sure, please purchase the product using our e-commerce system and then contact us at with your request. We will then send you a receipt in PDF format for your purchase which you can use for your accounts.
  • Can I translate the training materials into another language?

    You can translate the content into a language of your choice for delivery to your delegates and your clients in a training environment. Fair exclusions exist, such as, you can’t produce derivative products that compete with the original. For more details, see terms & conditions.
  • Do you record my credit/debit card details?

    Your credit card details are not stored on our system in any way to protect your privacy and security when purchasing online. For details please refer to our Privacy Policy.
  • How do you prevent card fraud? / How secure is buying from this website?

    Our banking service provider has various velocity limits and other checks are in place to control fraud transaction. Our payment gateway is PCIDSS complaint to safe-guard card's details. You can also implement risk monitoring tool to increase transaction level security at you end.
  • What payment forms and methods do you accept?

    We accept Credit cards, Debit cards, UPI, net banking, & wallets.
  • What currencies do you accept?

    By default it is INR (Indian Rupees)
  • Do you accept Bank to Bank transfer?

    Yes, we do – please contact us at for this.
  • What currency will I be charged in?

    You will get charged in INR (Indian Rupees)
  • My credit card / debit card is not listed in the form. How can I order?

    You may write about the issue to, or contact us at to get the details for funds transfer. My credit card order was declined. How do I order? Please try again or drop us a mail at to know more details about that specific card decline.